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FYI's Married at First Sight posed another contemporary existential dilemma to audiences Tuesday night: Would you end a marriage if your significant other snuck a cigarette and then lied about it?

After a long weekend of visiting Jamie's trailer park roots, Doug dropped his bride off at the apartment door and went to park the car but somewhere in between a seductive mix of nicotine, tobacco and tar was apparently inhaled. I'll let Jamie tell the tale.

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Doug finally admitted that he'd relapsed. He's trying to quit but yes, he puffed a cigarette after a very emotional weekend. Understandable. Less understandable: he then lied about it "straight to [her] face."

Jamie explains it wasn't the smoking in and of itself, it's Doug's cover-up that's shaken her like a bowl full of jelly. However the show has plenty to say about Doug's smoking in and of itself, embedding this super vague PSA halfway through the show.

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Ooooh, I wonder what the other "certain characteristics" are! Fatalism? Low stamina during jogging? Quoting Bukowski during arguments?

Whatever. The real question underlying all this hoopla is whether or not small fibs are indicative of overall deceitfulness in a partner. If Doug's integrity buckled for something as insignificant as a post-parking Kool, what happens when he actually makes a real mistake? Is his first instinct to lie to keep her happy? Because yes, that's dangerous.

Or are little white lies a social lubricant that, in the early phase of dating, are necessary to protect us from snap judgements and deep, probing conversations until real intimacy is achieved? Jamie has certainly encouraged a power dynamic in this coupling where Doug has to win her approval. Is Jamie putting so much pressure on Doug to be Mr. Perfect that it's eroding his ability to trust her with his weaknesses and vulnerability ? Because yes, that's dangerous.

What's the worse betrayal: Doug pretending he didn't just smoke a cigarette after a long day, or Jamie going to lunch with a friend and shit-talking Doug on-camera?

[There was a video here]

By the way, how glazed over are her friend's eyes? Like donuts, made by a baker named boredom. If you do kick Doug to the curb, Jamie, hold onto his number, because I predict you'll trust him to have your back long after this show is over, trips to Flavor Country notwithstanding.

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