Back in September of last year, almost a full goddamn year ago, consumers and lifestyle-havers were teased with the news that actress and hair-haver Blake Lively would be launching her own kind of Goop, specializing in quote "fashionable items," "storytelling," and "living a very [sic] one-of-a-kind, curated life." As of today, Page Six is suggesting that our heretofore run of the mill, uncurated, narrative-free lives will finally be rescued from the inanity of the picaresque. The tentative launch of the site stands at 7/23.

One of the more exciting teases the modern world has offered, in our gossip- and girl-obsessed culture, the news originally sank beneath the waves, not unlike Hamish Bowles learning to surf with Blake Lively, in the greatest celebrity profile of our time:

At one point I look over, and to my astonishment Blake is coolly lying with her back on the board, looking up at Rob as they crest a wave. "I want to watch you watch the wave, to see what you are experiencing," she tells him. ("My goal was to keep her hair dry!" he tells me later. "I failed, but she never actually fell. We rode every wave to the end.")

Your new go-to site for fashionable items and curation, which would ideally be called "SxS" in reverence of Serena's most relevant work experience, would therefore fall on the Cancer/Leo cusp, sharing its birthday with fellow media events Don Imus, rock and roll guitarist Slash, Destiny's Child Michelle Williams, American "child rapper" L'il P-Nut, and British "child murderer" Myra Hindley.

[Image via The CW]

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