Welcome, fashion lovers, fashion haters and reality-show junkies, one and all! A new season of Project Runway kicks off tonight at 9 Eastern, and we're live-blogging the premiere episode in the comments. Join us!

This is actually a reunion of sorts (or a revival, maybe?), since we held Project Runway chat parties like this for many years on Gawker (which I hosted under the name "MisterHippity"). Jacob Clifton has agreed to let us try it out on Morning After for tonight's episode, so I'm dusting off my old chat-hosting hat and ready to give it another go. Should be fun!

Because this is a season premiere, we can engage in such traditional first-episode activities as:

  • Playing "spot the token straight male designer." There's usually one each season. My early guess is that it's this guy.
  • Playing the Project Runway Drinking Game. Starter rules include drinking whenever Tim Gunn says "I'm concerned," "this worries me" or "make it work"; Nina Garcia says an outfit looks "cheap" or "inexpensive"; or anyone says the words "challenge" or "designers." (I threw in that last rule just to be sure we get to drink more than just a few times an episode). Feel free create more rules as we go!
  • Inventing nicknames for contestants. (For example, "Eraserhead" for this guy.)

Here's a quick look at a few of this season's more interesting-looking designers, based on my perusal of Lifetime's contestant info and videos:

  • Carrie Sluetskaya, this year's "quirky girl with bangs," claims she decided to be a designer after reading a Japanese comic book — which probably explains her anime-style blue hair. She is an avid cosplayer — here are pictures of her attending cosplay conventions as Nyan Cat and "vocaloid" pop star Hatsune Miku.
  • fäde zu grau is a German-born Floridian whose name means "fade to gray." Things he doesn't believe in include capital letters (judging from the way he presents his name) and God (judging from his "Happy Atheist" label). At 45 he's the oldest contestant, and seems destined to play the "eccentric middle-aged designer" role this show's producers love so well.
  • Kristine Guico is a witty, kind of spacey 26-year-old who seems older, probably because she's dyed her hair a geriatric shade of gray. She claims her nickname is "Panda" — which is weird, because Carrie Sluetskaya claims to have "Panda" as a nickname too. Is calling women "Panda" some hip new Brooklyn thing? (They're both from Brooklyn.)
  • Hernan Landor is a likeable, ponytailed Dominican who I predict will become a fan favorite. His accent makes him sound like Hank Azaria's Agador Spartacus character from The Birdcage, so I've already decided to nickname him "Agador."
  • The Mitchell Perry is a designer so egotistical that he styles his name with the word "The" at the beginning. Maybe if things work out right tonight, he'll be able to expand his name to "The Mitchell Perry Who Got Eliminated on the First Episode."

I'm eager to chat about these people, and many other things, when show gets started. So I'll see you all down in the comments! As Heidi would say, bis bald!

(A quick procedural note: I recommend staying in the "Ned Frey's Discussions" view during the show, since I'll be starring everyone's comments in a way that will —hopefully — make them appear there in chronological order. In the "All Replies" view, new comments may be harder to locate, since Kinja doesn't sort them chronologically.)

[Image via Lifetime]