New York Fashion Week may already be in full swing, but In-Your-Living-Room Fashion Night is only just beginning. That's because we're about to have another open-thread chat while watching Project Runway. Why not shake up a Swatchtail and join us?

What's a Swatchtail, I hear you hypothetically ask? I'm glad you hypothetically asked that! It's a drink born during last week's open thread (invented by chattygal and named by Pyewacket) in honor of Swatch, the Mood fabric store mascot. Here's the recipe, in case you want to give it a try: 2 parts Vanilla Stoli; 2 parts Kahlua; 1 part coconut milk. Shake over ice, strain into a martini glass, and top with whipped cream and jimmies. The idea is to drink it whenever you see Swatch — or, alternatively, to just picture Swatch in your mind whenever you drink it. Whatever works for you!

Also creative were commenters' descriptions of Char's hideous losing dress (pictured above), which included "a hot canary mess" (from Rebecca Rose), "big bird walking down the aisle" (from Meanie Pants Redux) and "the cloth napkin used to soak up butter at the reception" (from Otterbird). Michael Kors would be proud! (A few more of my favorite comments from last week are collected here.)

Commenters were also creative in their responses to my "Guess Which Adverb Will Tim Use to Describe Using the Aldo Style Wall?" contest, with guesses that included "remorselessly," "anally" and "fatally." The correct answer turned out to be the much more boring word "thoughtfully," which only one commenter guessed correctly. Although that guess was posted after Tim actually said it, I've decided to award the prize anyway since (1) I forgot to set a time limit, and (2) the winning commenter swears he or she wasn't actually watching the show at the time. So, ohgodthisagain, expect your Project Runway refrigerator magnet in the mail! Please allow six to eight months for delivery.

OK, on to tonight's episode. Here are a few things in store:

  • The challenge will be to create evening-wear looks accessorized with pieces of expensive jewelry.
  • The guest judge will be the co-president of the company that provided the jewelry — probably because she threatened to take all her jewels and go home if they didn't make her a judge.
  • At one point, a choked-up Tim Gunn will tell the designers: "I need you to gather round — something has been weighing very heavily on me." This could mean any of three things: A. There's been a jewel heist! B. One of the designers will be unexpectedly leaving the show. C. Tim is finally quitting in disgust, because he just can't take this shit any more. As interesting as it would be to see A or C, I suspect the real reason is B.

Anyway, we'll soon find out. Time to get out that shaker and start concocting! I'll see you in the comments!