Many mundane experiences become much more interesting when they are practiced communally. Examples include getting naked and smearing Vaseline on one's body, or watching Project Runway while typing comments about it. Tonight, we're doing the latter — and some of us may even be doing both. Join us!

Clothed or not, all you have to do to participate is watch the show (which airs on Lifetime at 9 Eastern) and engage in our online discourse (in the comments section below). During last week's open thread, such discourse covered many questions, including:

  • Could fäde be this season's därk horse? Could he turn out to be greät? Even ämäzing?
  • Are "fashion accessories for a Red Robin server" the same thing as "pieces of flair" (as Dorita and Not as Grey as I look wondered)?
  • Why (as qwerpoiu noticed) does Korina had the zodiac symbol tattooed on her wrist? Is she a serial killer? Or is that just a sewing-pattern symbol? (The second explanation is kind of boring, so I prefer to think of her as a serial killer.)

Each week, we ponder such questions, but rarely answer them — probably because most of are unanswerable, like zen koans. We also post many statements that are meaningless, and often negate them to create even more meaningless statements — because, as everyone knows, the negation of nonsense is nonsense. Moreover, much of this discourse is often witty, as this selection of comments from last week shows.

For tonight's open thread, I propose that — in addition to eschewing meaning and answers, and (optionally) disrobing — we engage in a contest: Guess which adverb Tim Gunn will choose to describe how to use the Aldo Style Wall. (As in: "Use the Aldo Style Wall wisely.") In prior weeks, such adverbs have included "strategically" and "thoughtfully." Which will it be tonight? Shrewdly? Ebulliently? Reverently? Indiscriminately? Post your guesses! The winner will (maybe) receive a Project Runway refrigerator magnet!

Here are a few things to watch for as we chat about tonight's episode:

  • The challenge will be to design an "unconventional wedding dress," and the guest judges will be fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni and martini-glass bather Dita Von Teese.
  • Dita will tell the designers: "There are no rules." So I guess the designers can just do whatever the hell they want, like steal fabric from Mood or set fire to competitors' garments? This could be interesting!
  • Dita will also say of one dress: "It looks like some monkeys made it." So maybe we'll even see sewing simians in the workroom. If there are no rules, who knows?

Or maybe (probably) we'll just see the same old shit. Let's drink and talk about it!

[Image via Lifetime]