Are you finding it hard to make sense of this crazy world we live in? Well, quit trying. Just watch Project Runway with us instead! Our open thread won't provide any answers, but it will probably help you forget why you cared in the first place.

The show starts at 9 Eastern on Lifetime, and lasts until 10:30, which is a half-hour too long. But at least that leaves us more time from drinking! Here are a few highlights from last week's open thread:

  • Commenter Dorita came up with a new nickname for Kini: "Flock of Seagulls" — a name that will forever be synonymous with "weird hair."
  • Speaking of hair, dippitydoo noted that Zac Posen sports the low-flow look. Perhaps we should call him "Low-flow" from now on?
  • Activities that caused commenters to miss key moments included kale-chopping and tiramisu-eating.
  • We came up with a new hashtag for comments about everyone's least favorite Maroon 5 sibling: #shutupamanda.

I've posted a selection of my favorite comments from our last open thread here. And here's a selection of things to watch for on tonight's episode:

  • The challenge will be to design a gown for Heidi Klum to wear to the Creative Arts Emmy Awards — an event that actually took place five days ago. So if you don't want to know tonight's winner ahead of time, don't click this link.
  • Heidi will visit the workroom to offer in-progress critiques, causing much consternation among the designers. Things never never seem right in the Project Runway universe when judges enter the workroom — or when Tim Gunn participates in judging sessions, for that matter. Such inversions of the traditional roles on this show are bad karma.
  • Heidi will tell one designer that she likes to show "cleav-azh" — pronounced with a soft "g" and an accented second syllable. I assume this term refers to an extreme form of cleavage that looks something like this.
  • Tonight's guest judge will be Lindsey Vonn — because nobody can judge a red carpet gown better than an Olympic ski racer, right? This makes perfect sense!

OK, it's time for us to stop using our brains and start live-blogging. I'll see you in the comments!

[Image via Lifetime]