Pondering your next move for the evening? Well, don't just stand there, endlessly rubbing your chin—join us as we chat our way through tonight's episode of Project Runway. You'll have fun, and your chin will thank you!

The show starts at 9 pm Eastern on Lifetime, and the chat party happens in the comments below this post. And if the party's anything like our last one was, it will be chock full of wit and cleverness—as this selection of a few of my favorite comments from last week will attest. Here are a few other moments worth noting about our last get-together:

  • Otterbird won the Sherlock Holmes award by correctly deducing, only three minutes into the episode, that Angela would be eliminated based on her teary-eyed appearance in a commentary clip (which was apparently filmed soon after the runway-judging ended).
  • I learned a new word, thanks to laurie305: "nagl," meaning "not a good look." This could be useful — we've seen a hell of a lot of nagl already this season.
  • We have a new nickname for Korina: "Joker Mouth." (Another possibility was "Julia Roberts Mouth," but that takes too long to say.)
  • GoOnWithoutMe came up with a name for the delight we feel when witnessing the anguish other designers experience when the judges inexplicably favor Sandhya's designs: "Sandhyafreude."

And here are a few things worth noting about tonight's episode:

  • It will feature the following baffling design challenge: "Revamp men's vintage suits to create looks for the modern woman." Perhaps the show's challenge designers have been smoking some of the judges' crack?
  • Tim Gunn will admonish a designer to "watch the boobage," while Nina will refer to one runway look as "Super Vagina." Such cards with the female-body-part quips, these people!
  • The guest judge will be an 18-year-old "Youtube celebrity" Bethany Mota. Tonight's episode will commemorate her 15th minute of fame.

OK, it's party time, people. I'll see you the comments!

[Image via Lifetime]