Two things you should never do alone: drink, and watch Project Runway. And thanks to this open thread, you won't have to be alone to do either! So why not join us? Tim and Nina will scowl in disapproval until you do.

Tonight we'll be live-blogging episode 2 (starting a 9 Eastern on Lifetime) of Season 13, which is also known as The Season of the Vagina. I don't know why that is — all I know is that I saw Tim Gunn say "this is nothing if not the Season of the Vagina" in a future-episode preview clip, so I guess we'll find out when that episode arrives. And we'll have to drink 10 times when he says that, because that may be the most amazing Tim Gunn quote ever.

Speaking of drinking, commenter YouretheRhoda suggested a new rule last week: Drink whenever someone says the word "edgy." (I've posted a few more of my favorite commenter observations from last week here.) We also added several new entries to our contestant-nickname list, including "Hawaiian Patton Oswalt" for Kini (courtesy of Boricua in Texas) and two monikers for fäde: "Alf Wierdsehen" (from BabyJane) and "The Berlin Merlin" (from chatcat2000). One of my favorites names (also from Boricua) was "Super Mario" for Tim Navarro, who got eliminated only 15 minutes into the episode – proving the old rule that the contestants with the best nicknames always gets eliminated early.

Turning our attention to tonight's episode: It will feature a team challenge to create a mini-collection using materials related to movies. From what I saw in a preview clip, teams will use things like DVDs, videotape and marquee letters as materials. I wonder if there's any way they could find some fabric that was torn from a casting couch? That would be an interesting choice for a slutty dress, which Nina could scowl at in disapproval and say, "Cheap! Slutty!"

OK, it's time for me to find my own couch, and then join you down in the comment section. See you there!

[Images via Lifetime]