What could be more fun than a storage locker full of old armchairs? Well, nothing, of course. But you don't have one of those, do you? So here's an idea — why not watch Project Runway with us and chat about it in the comments? It's the next best thing!

Just take a seat in your own armchair, watch the show (which airs on Lifetime at 9 pm Eastern), and post comments about it below. You may also opt to partake of a beverage or substance of your choosing, spill it on your armchair, and then sell your armchair on eBay when the night is done. It's all up to you!

Tonight's open thread is a special one, because it's finally time to vote on the finalists in our "Kors-Style Zing " contest. For the benefit of anyone who wasn't here for either of the past two open threads — or for anyone who was here, but was too drunk or wasted to remember what happened — I'll explain how the contest works: In memory of the departed Michael Kors (departed from the show, I mean — he's not dead or anything), I asked people to post their best Kors-like snarky descriptions of the looks during the runway portions of the past two episodes, so we could all eventually vote on a winner — who will receive a Project Runway-themed refrigerator accessory, guaranteed to amaze and befuddle any face-painted white rappers who may wander into their kitchen.

Here are the finalists I selected:

  • GoOnWithoutMe (describing this): "Like Chucky's bride went shopping at the 99 cent store."
  • otterbird (on this): "Joan Collins for Garanimals."
  • chattygal (on this): "Baby's first colostomy bag."
  • Snacktastic (on this): "If clothes were like Pokemon, that dress would be the final form of a kindergartener's pinafore."
  • Madincrafts (also on this): "A flamenco picnic table."
  • Dorita (on this): "Fiddler on the Roof meets the Black Swan."

So please vote for favorite (by posting your choice in a comment) before, during or after tonight's show. Then I'll count up the votes declare a winner next Thursday.

Turning our attention to this Thursday … here's what's in store on tonight's episode:

  • The designers will have to construct their looks out of junk found in flea markets and abandoned storage lockers. So it's a trashy challenge! Heidi will be pleased.
  • Amanda will become enamored of a psychedelic yedi. I mention this fact simply so I could type "enamored of a psychedelic yedi," since I suspect I am the first human ever to use that phrase, and I like making history.
  • The guest judge will be Verizon pitchman Christian Siriano, who has a really fierce phone plan that might interest you. It's a hot 4G mess!

See you down in the comments. And remember: Vote early! Vote often! And don't forget to vote for yourself!

[Image via Lifetime]