Sean Faris's back! Oh, Detective Gabe and your magical voice. How we've missed you.

Do you guys think Alison is A? I sure don't. She is crazy and she is a bitch, but so is Mona those things and I know for sure she isn't A. She is the hero of this picaresque.

My imagination doesn't even work to say what will happen tonight, like, I think about it and it's just like, a blank nothingness. I need a Kwisatz Haderach to tell me. But are you not so excited no matter what? I like this feeling, a lot. Especially this season, when the show has given itself permission to go any nuts place it wants, so the "gamechanger" episodes of years past have now been themselves game-changed into even more game-changing changers than ever before.

(Props for "full-on socio," as well. #twisted forever, bitches.)