You should know that this kind of thing, this thing here where Will Arnett announces to a screaming late-night audience that more Arrested Development will be coming and then every TV-themed blog or vertical in the world writes the same 125-word post about that announcement, that shit is so 2009. Having to go through it again is the exact kind of punishment we deserve if no one is willing to approach any of the cast or crew on the street, from here on out, and slap them broad-hand across the face.

Otherwise we are seeing the beginning of a paper chain of broken hearts that ends at some gauzy (but almost glimpsable!) point along the horizon and it involves everyone on down to Alia Shawkat's hair dresser being asked about the future and that poor woman has a family and a confusingly large cable bill to worry about.

We were not a society yet deserving of the unceasing brilliance of the original Arrested Development, more than 10 years ago, and were were perhaps too ourselves in the run-up to its fourth season return; but now the sun has set and the clouds have shifted and can you feel the warmth of a new day breaking?; and I would really just like everyone to quiet down and go home for the weekend so I can start binge-watching Going Deep With David Rees.

We no longer need to know that we need to know more Arrested Development is coming. It just needs to arrive.

[Image via Netflix]

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