Have you been like insanely busy this week, but not getting anything worthwhile done? I hate weeks like that, which is what this week is turning into. My mother would say this is because Mercury is in retrograde, but I am not a wizard so I can't speak to that. I try to ignore what the planets are doing, usually, and just try to clear out my Tivo for the same effect. Is it time to finally get through Top Of The Lake, would you say, or should that wait for a less intense time of year?

At 8/7c. Hell's Kitchen is down to eight whole chefs, while on NBC Hollywood Game Night is entertaining Tim Gunn, former Parsons faculty and current Liz Claiborn CCO. I know it's a TV show and they have all kinds of green rooms and interns, but I know that if I were having Tim Gunn over for board games, or whatever they do on that show, I would be a wreck about coming correct. He deserves the very best.

At 9/8c., things heat up with the Last Comic Standing semifinals, Nick Offerman's on Comedy Bang! Bang! and Maron's having a no-doubt fun, not at all suicidal time in an episode entitled "Nostalgic Sex Buddy." In other life-affirming news, the fourth episode of L.A. Hair's third season is entitled "Lisa And The Ratcheteers."

If you're not into that stuff, there are also some special things airing tonight, like Lisa Ling's investigation into ADHD—for example, What is it? is a question I'd like to know the answer to—the NBA finals, a CNN special on the Kennedy assassination, and a two-hour ID special on the OJ trial that should be just lurid enough to send you off to a peaceful rest.

What about you, what are you up to? Is there anything on TV tonight that interests you at all? If not, will you still be watching something? Or are you starting your weekend early?

[Image via Lifetime]