Piper's grandma's funeral turned into a surprise wedding for her brother while their parents frowned before them and Larry's flaccid penis sat in the front pew remembering its earlier scolding. And also! Bennett went absolutely insane very briefly and it was terrifying. And also! Red and Vee are apparently acting out a years-long vendetta of misunderstanding, as both women keep assuming that if the other would only listen, they would finally hear. And also! Mendez is fucked.

"40 OZ of Furlough," unlike any other episode so far this season, rollicked and rocked like a rollercoaster. It was not a great episode, favoring velocity over dimension. But it made me kind of giddy and sick with its certainty that humans, like celestes, are capable of hitting the strangest notes.

The hour had moments I will heretofore write toward but not quite capture. Look at Piper's face here. How would you describe it?

[Images via Netflix]

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