Young Rosa was surprisingly terrible, wasn't she? Also her Spanish* was weird. Also every man she touched with her tongue later died. No joke. Every one. Birth, Rosa's tongue, deathwith some merry robbing in between. Meanwhile Old Rosa, our Rosa, is dying, as she has been since we first met her. Then there's this kid:

He did not die! This is literally the only good news Rosa has ever gotten in her entire life. Money isn't nothing, I guess. But the last shot of her sniffing $43 in her cell bed while slowing fading from the face of the planet was depressing. Money only produces. It can't replace anything.

And this lady! I always have to Google how to spell her name. Figueroa.

"Appropriately Sized Pots" was amok with shenanigans, with almost everyone trying to pull off some scheme or hide some scheme after or before it is actually pulled off. Caputo overturned all of Red's plants, which was a bad idea because he's never been smarter than anyone and least of all his deposed head chef.

Several things, gestating through the season's first and second acts, have now begun to converge or blossom: Piper's quest to see her dying grandmother; the administration's legitimate crackdown on contraband (imagine 'Tucky getting hold of matches) and its completely arbitrary directives re: the shot quota; Vee's quest for some kind of détente with some group of other inmates.

And Soso—Soso who I very much decided, by episode's end, to want to know. How can any edge of satire bear this much tragedy? Let's discuss!

[Images via Netflix]

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