I think "Comic Sans" was probably a very good episode for Men's Rights Activists, who as a hegemony tend to consume images and narratives uncritically and without nuance and oh, look here is the story of Black Cindy, formerly a power-mad airport security worker who, when she wasn't straight-up stealing things, sexually assaulted men.

Black Cindy is not a nice person. She is not a good person. She is also a loud, large black woman. Most of our sympathy is squeezed out as soon as we see or hear her. This is all before she does any number of thoughtlessly selfish things. But Black Cindy is not no one, and it's a mark of the true limits of OINTB's humanity that she can be so awful without being abject. (Abjection is a facet of the monstrous, not the humane.)

There's more of course—so much more is basically the show's raison d'être; and here, too, we had progress on the simultaneous tobacco/newsletter/financial corruption frontsbut the MRAs probably stopped there. Are some of them reading right now? Hello! Let's explore all of this nuance together.

[Images via Netflix]

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