Everyone keeps using the word "change" on OINTB, on "Mustachioed Little Shit" specifically, but the behavior feels much more like oscillation given to frightful extremes. Everyone is someone else, too.

And so Polly is Piper's best friend and now her romantic rival; and Vee is a drug-pushing kingwoman who may be, at the bottom, entirely untouched by light; and Nicky is an addict who hasn't yet realized she's saving herself; and Morellooh, Morello—is batshit crazy and beautiful and sad.

Mendez, an officer of order, is dumber than I remembered, which is his undoing. He's also a romantic, which is repulsive, but the kind of repulsive that can be appealing to people named Daya. Healy, a professional counselor, cannibalizes advice without tasting any of it for himself. Soso, a professional activist, may soon tug along the curve of every inmate's journey.

And Crazy Eyes—oh, Crazy Eyes—may not have noticed the exact moment when she broke, or kept breaking, but every part of her is now a shard.

[Images via Netflix]

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