True Blood, now fully engaged in its seventh and final season on HBO, has always been a very smart show, concerned with philosophy, intimacy, and the concepts of heroism and self-sacrifice, and also dudes having sex with other dudes all the time.

One of the most interesting and intelligent twists in the show's core cast has always been Jason Stackhouse's downstairs situation. While sometimes that goes to some dark places, like his gang-rape by panthers for example, most of the time it reminds you that he is a pretty respectable guy. He loves his sister, his best friend Hoyt, and his town.

Jason's relationship with his own penis is as complex and poignant as any romance. It has gone through as many changes, from the sublime to the wretched, as his sister Sookie's relationships with various dead people and animal people. (Sookie once randomly masturbated on a porch while everybody was at church, which remains one of the coolest things she has ever done.)

He is a good friend and ally, and worries often about perfecting his skills to protect the things he loves. He worries that he is too full of hate, and then he worries that he is too accepting and tolerant, and then he goes the other way again. Always worrying, always trying to do the right thing. To find his way in a complicated world that has vampires, fairies, werewolves, and sometimes people who are all of those things in it.

But from even the first season, one thing Jason Stackhouse has never worried that much about is how he is constantly having homoerotic dreams about all of them, all of the time.

I have been going through life thinking that probably the scene above—in which Jason invents not just one but several kinds of gay porn while dreaming about his sister's fiancé, the fairy vampire Warlow—was the hottest thing that was likely to happen in our lifetime. I thought the technology had plateaued.

But as it turns out, Jason's capacity for really getting in there and making sure we get our money's worth is not something that can be ignored. The boy is a gay porn factory, whose dreams could power a Wilhelm Reich orgone generator machine so powerful that it could probably destroy the world. Or save it!

All I know is that True Blood is still the smartest show on TV, and gets no credit for it. But one of the ways it is very smart is how last night, Jason Stackhouse and Eric Northman fucked each other, and it was excellent by any standard you can think of.

[There was a video here]

Other things also happened last night on True Blood, a very good television program with many important things to say.

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