There's something so special about a show geared toward young people that would give their parents a panic attack. Despite a fair amount of chill, enlightened parents out there who might possibly be OK with their 13-year-old watching a show like Faking It, I'm guessing most would be horrified about the prospect? A colorful, clever, frank, and sex-positive show like this is exactly the kind of thing I would've had to quickly turn off anytime my mom entered the room and that's why Faking It could be considered capital-I Important in the future. The teens who'll have to watch in secret are the ones who need it the most.

So, this week there was a threesome. Well, there wasn't any full-on sexin', but as you can see in the video above all the surprisingly complicated emotions were in place. Leave it to Faking It to center an episode around the no-big-deal prospect of a three-way (which several characters claim to have already had) but to actually address the true risks therein: Almost nobody is emotionally equipped to jump into something so loaded.

What began as a bad idea on Karma's part (offering a three-way seemed like the only way to get a suddenly guilty-feeling Liam to take her virginity) ended up becoming more of an emotional odyssey for Amy as she had to grapple with the awkwardness of doing something she wasn't into while also wanting to be more intimate with Karma. To an almost touching extent Amy finally decided to go along with the idea, even borrowing two of her mom's many thousands of trench coats for them both to wear over lingerie, and then sort of taking the lead when it came to making things actually happen in Liam's tackily appointed sex room. But in a surprise twist, not only did Karma seem to suddenly find herself sexually attracted to Amy, so did Liam. The mark of a good twist is when it's both shocking and unsurprising because duh: Amy is a star and Karma should've expected her selfish idea to have, uh, karmic repercussions.


Meanwhile Jack and Karen Shane and Lauren entered a dancing competition and hurled insults at each other. Their mutual realization that "face it, we are not good people" made me laugh out loud.

Another terrific episode of an increasingly important-seeming show. At this rate it's only a matter of time before Bill O'Reilly alerts your parents to its existence, so watch while you still can!


[Video via MTV]

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