In fantastic news for those of you living off your parents' HBO GO accounts, HBO's Chairman and CEO Richard Plepler promised the assembled crowd of suits at Time Warner Investor Day that HBO would be offering its streaming service à la carte starting next year.

Plepler noted that 10 million homes are broadband-only, having declined the opportunity to bundle despite frequently and loudly advertised financial incentives of doing so. "There are 80 million homes that do not have HBO," Plepler noted, after spending whole years of watching Game of Thrones be the most downloaded television show of all time every week.

It's worth noting that this inevitable announcement comes less than six months after a string of deals that left Amazon Prime with a substantial amount of HBO's back catalog of scripted programming, and only a few months after HBO declared Netflix a competitor outright.

The investors in HBO's parent company, to whom this news was first announced, should be proud. The internet throttling that is a natural consequence of Time Warner/Time Warner Cable/Comcast's attacks on net neutrality, and their moves toward monopoly, would potentially affect any streaming service, making this a shrewd indicator of the continued confidence and arrogance behind Time Warner's political lobbying.

The entire statement is below:

[Images via HBO]

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