Lisa Edelstein is the star of Bravo's first scripted show, Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, airing 10/9c. Tuesdays beginning tonight.

Logline: A bestselling marriage and self-help guru shocks the world when she reveals her impending divorce. Plus what is a lady supposed to do? Girlfriend, who knows!

Bottom Line: Based on the novels by Vicki Iovine, producing along with showrunner Marti Noxon (Buffy's Parking Ticket Lady and latter-season EP, who also led some of the best seasons of Glee, Mad Men, and Private Practice), the full producers list has quite a pedigree: Meryl Poster (a host of Miramax films including Bounce, Chocolat and Chicago; then reality TV, including latter seasons of Project Runway), Robert Duncan McNeill (666 Park Avenue and the last season of Chuck, which was pretty good; also arguably the hottest Star Trek crewman in history), and the team of Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro (critically liked Necessary Roughness and our much-missed Pan Am).

Iovine herself divorced Interscope's Jimmy in 2009, so there's that. She's a lawyer and former model and bestselling author and now she has an hour-long TV show. Guess those are the breaks.

Lisa Edelstein (House, Good Wife, West Wing, Ally McBeal) headlines, and Paul Adelstein (Private Practice, Scandal) stars as her estranged ex. They are both marvelous. Janeane Garofalo is there too, but more importantly: This is Bravo's first run at a slate of scripted series—if you don't count all of their other series—which alone makes this one of the more curious curiosities of 2014.

Watch This Show! If you trust Bravo's brand to keep it good for at least season, if you think you are Liz Lemon, or if you are tired from not having it all yet and/or playing as hard as you work. Do it because Adelstein and Edelstein are wonderful actors to watch, because guest-starring the likes of Bernadette Peters and Laverne Cox is a subtle sign that this show is meant for you, and because every day represents your option to give Janeane Garofalo another chance.

Absolutely Do Not Watch This Show! If you are comfortable within your paradigm, if you've already heard every sex-at-forty joke that there is to tell, if you found it in yourself to bitch earnestly about Eat, Pray, Love despite also being a middle-class white person, or if you are scared you might see commercials for other Bravo programming if your reflexes aren't fast enough.

Parents Television Council says: Nothing, because they probably do not know what Bravo is, or do not get Bravo on their traditional definition of televisions. However we can infer from their previous statements, on Mysteries of Laura which we have already discussed, and on We Are Men, which we never will:

By giving viewers a lead character who is sobbing about her divorce one minute, gunning down perps the next, and engaging in wacky sitcom hijinks a minute later, The Mysteries of Laura is completely unfocused. The result is similar to what one would get if one dumped Hawaiian pizza, jalapeño peppers, pickled herring, and tutti-frutti ice cream in a blender...

Edelstein better pick a fuckin' lane, according to the PTC.

A 'comedy' glorifiying [sic] of [sic] divorce, promiscuity, and adolescent behavior by adult men.

I don't... know what that means.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce airs (and, possibly, glorifies of divorce) Tuesdays on Bravo at 10, starting tonight.

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