Nathan For You's had a wild ride this year, after reruns, online plays and real-life pranks managed to ramp its quiet first season into a breakout success this summer. From the Ghost Realtor to Dumb Starbucks, I can't think of more than five duds in the whole set. In this video, Nathan involves children in his mayhem (always a bad idea) by consulting with a toy store:

Nathan For You
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Nathan will also monitor concession stand purchases at a movie theatre, and "reconnect with an old friend." One of this season's great pleasures has been watching Nathan try to "help" us, the viewer, by showing us his process in becoming so very successful, so the idea of going there one more time, and getting wildly awkward in a personal way, is very exciting.

If you'd asked me two years ago whether anything could ever possibly compete with Ben Show With Ben Hoffman for my personal eyeball dollars, I would have said you dance with the one what brung you: You can miss Mrs. Garrett, but that doesn't automatically mean Cloris Leachman is a bitch. But though Ben is and always will be missed, in the annals of slightly freaky discomfort comics with their own hard-to-explain (and harder to watch) Comedy Central shows, Nathan Fielder's proving to be an okay dancer, even for a Canadian.

[ Video via Comedy Central]

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