Do you remember liking Liquid Television on MTV (1989-1991)? Origin of Beavis, origin of Daria? I remember Æon Flux for sure, and I remember sitting down to watch it as a kid, but mostly my memories as an adult come from the pretty extensive vault, where the classic Liquid Television bits are still available. They are super '90s! Not something I generally have a ton of patience for!

This morning, one of MTV's online ventures—MTV(other)—is premiering the first of five episodes online, and you can watch the first one below. I've seen a couple, and it is a pretty good update. A lot of it is annoying and Reality Bites-y in the same way MTV classically was at that point in time, but some of the truly weird stuff seems to be coming from a real place.

What do we think of this? Can the old indie-comix self-conscious weirdness really make a case for itself now that we have YouTube and also the entire internet? Do you miss 'zines'? Do you miss 'white label imports'? Do you miss when Björk was not exhausting? And is it not so cheeky to call it Liquid Television and then not put it on actual television?

"Why do they bother calling it 'liquid' television when there isn't even any liquid in it, just a buncha pregnant teenagers and seven sluts in some apartment 'getting real'?"

[Image via MTV(other)]