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On today's edition of Morning Joe—after the reports of Dr. Oz's public flaying put host/google-eyed health nut Mika Brzezinski into a state of semipermanent bliss—the team turned their attention to the hottest trend threatening teens today: Internet downloading. Specifically, the torrenting of popular gnome show Game Of Thrones.

As real-life superhero-looking motherfucker Thomas Roberts tries valiantly to explain even the most basic shit to his confused and less-beautiful elders, it's the confused howling of the shambling crepuscular horror known to mortals only as Nicolle Wallace—"I don't like dragons! Dragons!"—that really sells this little moment as the best of the morning.

In another hilarious "running gag," Joe Scarborough told a story almost one dozen times accusing Politico's Mike Allen—himself a well-known fantasy creature that subsists solely on bowls of milk left out by Washington elites—of trying to sell him vitamin supplements from a suitcase. The vitamin story remains uncorroborated at this time.

[Video via MSNBC]

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