On TV tonight you'll find wizards, werewolves, ladies looking for love, and people who live in swamps and under mysterious domes.

At 8/7c., if you are living the single life you may well enjoy one or both of these documentary series about ladies in just your position: The Bachelorette and VH1's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. If you prefer cooking, the Top 16 Masterchefs are on Fox, mastering chefery. There's a new Switched At Birth on ABC Family, and if you are a wizard or a fan of wizardry you might also enjoy tonight's NBC Special that relates to Harry Potter in some way that is unclear to me.

At 9/8c., Vicki might end up talking about sex on Real Housewives Of Orange County, so that should enjoyable for everybody. The CW's Beauty and the Beast continues taking itself not so seriously with an episode called "Operation Fake Date," that I bet is actually about a not-so-fake date that surprises everybody. The best show on TV, The Fosters, airs on ABC Family, and the fifth season finale of History Channel's trenchant exploration of swamp people, Swamp People, is called "Day Of Reckoning"! The swamp and its people may never be the same!

At 10/9c., you've got the double hit of Teen Wolf and Wolf Watch, a lovably awkward show about what it was like to watch the episode of Teen Wolf you have just watched, while Under The Dome premieres its second season under the dome of CBS. There's also new Longmire, Mistresses, and a Ladies of London episode on Bravo that actually uses a commonly misused phrase ("To the Manor Born") correctly. Not that impressive in general, but there's—and I think you'll agree—a curve we're grading on here.

What about you, what are your plans for this evening? What do you do on a Monday when Teen Wolf is on, if you are not watching Teen Wolf? And more importantly, how is that working out for you?

[Image of sexy coyote girl dancing with sexy fox girl via MTV]

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