How about that Cersei Lannister, huh? Man. Sometimes when you think she's gonna zig, she zags, but then other times she goes shoooom-pow. "Chain up my dragons? No, bitch! I'm taking 'em out for a walk. PEACE." Anyway, that was last night. What is up for tonight?

8/7c., if you are into the "reality" of people who are not acting like real people, try The Bachelorette or Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Masterchef's got the Top 18 on Fox, and on PBS Antiques Roadshow is gonna be tearing it the fuck up in Providence. Me, I will be watching the summer premiere of Switched At Birth on ABC Family, enjoying myself and revving up for...

9/8c., when the best show of all time, The Fosters finally, finally returns! I know it's only been off the air since the end of March, but I had a lot of shit going on at the end of March so it kind of seems like forever. If you are not yet hip to the awesomeness that is The Fosters, you are free to enjoy Real Housewives of the OC or American Ninja Warrior, or I guess both if you are fascinating. On the other hand, if that blistering Antiques Roadshow episode still has you all torqued up, I would suggest tuning to the Lifetime Movie Network for a little episode of Killer Kids I like to call "Peeping Theodore And The Six."

10/9c., sadly, we come to the end of Louie for the year. A challenging and brilliant return to form after the so-so ups and downs of Season Three (remember when he got all gay about that Brazilian lifeguard for like ten episodes?), the presumption is that the iffy long cons will finally be coming together; honestly, anything would be fine, the show is marvelous. Or, if art bummers are not your thing, there's the always cheerful Longmire on A&E, LMN is doing a fun little something called I Dated A Psycho that will probably ends in a healthy give-and-take relationship that benefits everybody, and there's an Oscar Pistorius special on 48 Hours that will almost certainly be focusing on his triumphs in the face of adversity.

Whatever you do, it's probably more fun to talk about it than actually pay attention, so let's just hit the comments below and feel it out. What are you planning on doing tonight? Does television factor into those plans? And if so, how?

[Image via Bravo]