Yesterday at 2014's Class Day—Harvard Law's student-recognition ceremony—Mindy Project creator Mindy Kaling delivered quite an address indeed.

She first addressed the bright futures for Harvard-educated lawyers:

"...[W]ith this diploma in hand, most of you will go on to the noblest of pursuits, like helping a cable company acquire a telecom company. You will defend BP from birds. You will spend hours arguing that the well water was contaminated well before the fracking occurred. One of you will sort out the details of my prenup, a dozen of you will help me with my acrimonious divorce."

Then, after a run-through of broad jokes about each of the Harvard schools, she started getting into the nitty-gritty:

"I'm afraid a couple of you are probably evil, that's just the odds. And to be honest it scares me, because you look like a bunch of tweens."

And before the real tear-jerker stuff starts (about five minutes from the end, if you're like me and you love that part of speeches), she kicked off her wrap-up with some fairly excellent advice:

"Just please, try to be the kind of people that give advice to celebrities, not the other way around."

The whole thing's worth a look if you like watching Mindy Kaling do her thing (or cultural capital doing its thing).