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Welcome back to the "social experiment" Married At First Sight, which is low-key promoting the idea ladies should kick off their shoes and head for the kitchen if they want to save their marriage.

Like everyone else watching this show I love the bubbly Dr. Pepper, but for once her advice fell flat when she told Monet a chef would be coming to visit them to improve her cooking skills, since Vaughn craves "home-cooked meals" made by his wife's lovely hands. This has been a running motif in the couple's conversations; if they go out to dinner Vaughn suggests she figure out how to duplicate what they're eating at home, etc.

As a human, being able to cook is important, because you're going to be eating at a bare minimum at least once a day. Putting an emphasis on cooking is understandable. Putting an emphasis on your partner cooking for you is where we tread into a gray area, and if you are a man and your partner is a woman, insisting she know how to whip you up a lasagna just like mama used to make after you both get home from a hard day of work means part of your brain is serving as a time capsule for some 1959 bullshit.

Once we as a society committed to this current economy that demands both members of a couple work full time, logically we should have all understood it was going to be every man for himself in the kitchen.

Happily, on the show, when the chef actually showed up, the cooking lesson was like a vaguely erotic food-themed play session for both of them, with the couple donning aprons and blindfolds and groping oats (oatmeal=erotic) and then sitting down to some sizzling hot fish and a salad they had both contributed to.

[There was a video here]

So hopefully when Vaughn made a toast to a future of home-cooked meals on Sundays, he was silently adding, "Made by us, together."

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