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It's day seven for the couples of FYI's Married At First Sight, which means the honeymoon is over and now it's time to move in together, so things just got real.

The couple in the above clip, Cortney and Jason, had the a storybook "love at first sight" reaction when they met at the altar. While Jamie freaked out at the sight of Doug, and Monet tipped into a panic attack halfway through the ceremony, Cortney and Jason sealed their vows with a kiss. They've bonded on spiritual, emotional, and physical levels in a way beautiful to behold.

The first time things have gotten rocky's also the first time they discuss finances. The discussion took place in the NYC apartment living room Cortney calls home, a modest cell jammed with bins of clothes and sadly lacking a door to filter out roommate sounds. Jason learned his heretofore perfect match has major student loan debt, and the first chill we've seen between these two set in.

If you're still on the fence about whether student loan debt is hobbling young adults from hitting life milestones, consider this Exhibit A in the indictment of our education system. Sallie Mae is doing her utmost to cockblock an entire generation.

Meanwhile Jamie, as a nurse, out-earns Doug, a software salesman who's been living at home to save money.

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No, we will not be treated to the sitcom perfection of Jamie moving into Doug's parent's house for the next couple weeks and living in his basement room; the two bought an apartment together, and aside from this conversation seem to have made peace with their financial disparity.

Ironically, Monet and Vaughn, the one couple where both sides are financially secure enough that money isn't an issue, had the rockiest time co-habitating. This could have to do with the fact he moved into her existing apartment, instead of picking a new place together like the other two couples did.

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There's also the issue that Vaughn is committing the cardinal reality series sin of accusing Monet of acting unnaturally in front of a camera. Although seriously, the way he was shutting her down would have driven me OUT OF MY MIND if I was Monet.

Living together is a surrender of privacy, couple that with reality TV cameras and anybody could get claustrophobic. Even without the cameras, sharing an apartment can cement a weak relationship, or twist two happy people apart. Lord knows I went to roommate school living alongside a baker's dozen of strangers via Craigslist apartment sharing, but all that experience meant nothing when it came to living with a romantic partner.

Has moving in together ever shattered a promising relationship for you? Does finding a new place and a fresh start make moving in together easier or is apartment hunting a whole other strain on a relationship? Is sharing rent the most vital way to team up against the world or the quickest way to come to blows? Tell me your roomie war stories.

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