On last night's So You Think You Can Dance, a man calling himself "Sideshow" made a fool of himself, embarrassed his colleagues, and generally acted like a two year old on national television.

Here's the thing: If you're going to be a diva or an asshole or whatever you call yourself, you should be phenomenal at what you do. Meryl Streep could be the worst human being on the planet, but because she's Meryl Streep, it wouldn't matter. This guy is no Meryl Streep.

The appropriately nicknamed Sideshow's first offense is that he doesn't even do the style of dance that he claims to do. Offenses two through 100 are a mixture of his attitude and the way his family only encourages it.

That is the face of a man who is witnessing the opposite of a "winning" situation unfold.

The crème de la crème of competitive reality shows, shows like So You Think You Can Dance and The Challenge, rely on people's desire to see talented people (be that dance or excessive drinking) excel in their talents. Of course, these are still reality shows at the end of the day, and that's why people like Sideshow exist to get their 15 minutes of fame. However, a moment like this isn't going to endear Sideshow to anyone, and according to his Facebook, it actually got him kicked out of Dragon House.

What did you think of this display? Did you think Sideshow's performance was actually worthy of moving on to the next level or are you Team Nigel? I'll take it to the comments for Bieber's Best Dance Crew and the standout numbers of the episode, but let's hope that Slideshow's threat of auditioning again next season is an empty one.

[All images and video via Fox]

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