Man, Sunday is just so full of TV. How do people watch that much? Do they space it out on DVR for the rest of the week and just pretend to know what everybody is talking about in the meantime, flying by the seat of their espionage like that? How unnerving. I would feel like a liar if I did that, which is why I watch everything.

Everything except Bones.

At 8/7c tonight it's the Bones S9 finale, so presumably something will happen between the pretty robot lady and the oily puppy man that changes their robot/puppy romance forever, like happens every time you hear about that show. Perhaps they will get married again, or have another puppy-robot hybrid baby, or find themselves sunk to the bottom of the LaBrea tarpits by an old foe. Or if you're into people with names like Murgatroyd dancing around, there's a 90-minute Dancing With The Stars—and if you like that sort of thing a lot, the whole singin' and dancin' thing—you can see the final performances on The Voice, or even flip back and forth and do both. (Is it fair to have a problem with Candace Cameron Bure because of her brother? Can anybody confirm which way that ended up going?)

At 9/8c You've got 24 and the Warehouse 13 season finale, which we'll be talking about tomorrow, and then the spring finale of the fourth season of the show about TI & Tiny where they are in a certain sort of love. There's also the 90-minute Bachelorette premiere at 9:30, if you are the kind of edgy person who's into benign versions of malignancies, which are therefore still technically tumors. A friend's young daughter opined that The Bachelor is not so much about the guy as it is a competition to see who gets to be the new Bachelorette. Isn't that excellent and cool? Out of the mouths of babes, sometimes, come the wisest justifications for what we know in our adult hearts is really just straight-up prostitution.

Either way 10 is when the good shit starts: Two more chapters of Louie's Elevator Saga, the Drag Race finale, and Maya Rudolph's variety show on NBC all promise difference shades of flamboyant behavior and costumery to share with your friends, while boringly weird, low-budge French Syfy import Metal Hurlant Chronicles ends with a three-part, one-hour episode of their usual Mentos-commercial nonsense.

Then, after a new episode of The Boondocks—which I think is doing a pretty good job of respecting its history, a very scary thing to contemplate when they first dumped McGruder—you have at 11/10c Sundance's Writers' Room—a show that is always fascinating no matter what they're talking about, and in spite of host Jim Rash's unbearable exuberance—focusing on the very excellent team behind the best show on TV, The Good Wife. If you are so sick of hearing how good that show is that it flipped around and now part of you wants to avoid it at all costs, just as an F.U., watching a thing about the thing might be a smart prophylactic measure to get you there.

Anyway. What are you thinking about watching? Anything you're particularly looking forward to that didn't make it onto this clearly not very exhaustive list? Consider this an open thread to talk about whatever you're watching. Check for a subthread before starting one, just to keep it tight, if you would.

[Image via NBC]