On any given Thursday in May, everything is ending. When I was a kid I always got really creeped out during finale/sweeps season—because I didn't know what that was—so it just seemed like all signs were pointin' toward the Apocalypse. Tonight, there are a lot of things that may well signify the End of Days, but if they do it's not because of some programming slate somewhere.

At 8/7c you've got the Big Bang Theory finale on CBS, in which Leonard and Sheldon finally do it. Over on E! there's a whole special on the Secret Societies of Hollywood, presumably in very timely reference to the Bryan Singer catamite scandal. And then too, the Vampire Diaries finale, which we'll talk about tomorrow but which I'm given to understand will involve Competence Incarnate Bonnie Bennett stopping the Apocalypse of every ghost getting sucked into outer space, a thing that is now regularly happening on that show.

9/8 gives us American Idol's final two lambs to the slaughter, as well as the (sexy?) conclusion of NBC's weird little Rosemary's Baby rehash and the Reign finale, in which Toby Regbo does his Toby-Regbest to make me feel like I have a case of the Bryan Singers my own self; if you are into actual weird things then I would suggest either Unsealed Alien Files: Human Harvest (DA), which is about the science of harvesting humans, or else Dates From Hell: Long Kiss Goodnight on ID. (Or you could just watch the actual brilliant movie The Long Kiss Goodnight and save yourself the trouble.)

At 10/9 you've got Black Box on ABC—in which we are reminded, as every week, what the "M" in MPDG stands for—or the Elementary finale on CBS, or probably The Challenge on MTV, which is apparently America's best-kept secret because everybody I know suddenly has a million opinions about it. (My one opinion: Remember Baloo? She was in it to win it. That's all I got.) And then if you are still wakeful, I would recommend the Loiter Squad premiere on Adult Swim at midnight, due to: It is based.

How about you? Consider this an open thread to talk about whatever you're watching. Check for a subthread before starting one, just to keep it tight, if you would.

[Image via NBC]