Time for lots more finales, since Sunday is the other big TV day after Thursday. In some ways a sad goodbye, in other ways a blessed relief, in different ways a turning of the mulch and in certain ways a rebirth of entertainment. But one thing is for certain: May Sweeps has many mysterious ways about it.

At 7/6c probably your main priority is to watch the Coldplay special on NBC. I don't know if you have heard of this band but mark my words, they're going to be something special one day. (You might also check out U2, the band on which they are based.) If not, you've got the Fox Animation Domination block finales to contend with: Bob's Burgers, American Dad, The Simpsons and Family Guy. (I like American Dad, I just do. I like Dads, I like America, and I like Paul Lynde. Only one show reliably provides all of these things.)

8 brings us the Billboard Awards, which are actually awards for music; yet another Real Housewives Of Atlanta "special" about the men who would marry these women and vice versa; and the finales of the current PBS British people shows, Call The Midwife and Jeremy Piven Has Negated His Own Charm Irrevocably.

At 9 you have the hypnotic Cosmos on Fox, the cabbage-oriented Turn on AMC, the Good Wife finale and Game of Thrones, and also the first airings of Nurse Jackie and Californication that nobody ever watches. After that it's the Silicon Valley and Veep hour on HBO, Mad Men, Penny Dreadful, Salem, Devious Maids and the finale of The Mentalist, a show which was just renewed and stars a person with the face of angel marred by the eyebrows of a monster.

Me, it's a work night so I won't be any fun, but: How about you? Consider this an open thread to talk about whatever you're watching. Check for a subthread before starting one, just to keep it tight, if you would.

[Image via FOX]

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