Halfway through the dead-air week into the new summer shows, it's pretty slim pickings. If you haven't seen this week's Louie episodes they are both brilliant, although I am especially partial to the bittersweet reenactment, by a couple of certified hotties, of Louie's near-divorce before their older daughter was born. While I'm not hugely feeling the weird Nice Guy/Dream Girl storyline about the Hungarian woman, which seems a little too-soony in some ways, watching the way Louie and his ex-wife deal with each other and their kids continues to be an uncomfortable treat. Barring those—or a rewatch of Playing House, the best sitcom currently airing—the table is somewhat bare:

At 8/7c. you could watch the Prince of Monaco's World Music Awards jamboree or the So You Think You Can Dance auditions, both of which are two hours long and both of which contain people who, I'm given to understand, think they can dance. My prediction is that Lady Gaga and Shakira will win all of the awards, because I know how the world thinks, regardless of who is even nominated. And also that the Eurovision lady will happen again, Conchita with the beard, prompting all of America to ask "What is up with that lady" for the second time in a month.

At 9/8c. the CW's most hilarious comedy about young people dying right before your eyes, The 100, sallies forth toward its big rebellious finale. (Episode summary: Starving for food, the leaders of the camp get themselves into danger and then compromise their values, while up on the Ark you can't trust anybody. So... basically just like every other episode so far? Or is this one of those deals where they're being intentionally vague so nobody knows about the secret horrible things that will actually happen?) Nothing else is airing on any network tonight at 9/8c.

At 10/9c., after all that dying and/or dancing is over with, you've got Motive on ABC or, more likely, the Brian Williams/Edward Snowden Special on NBC. It's kind of an odd time to revisit Snowdenmania, but I guess we are not working on any particular news cycle when it comes to that kid: Like an in-demand otorhinolaryngological specialist, you kind of have to take him when you can get him.

Do you like Brian Williams? (How about his daughter Allison, the white Kate Moss: Do you like her? I sure do; I feel she just gets me.) Are you interested in going quote "inside the mind of Edward Snowden," or are you getting kinda sick of his hot little face? Nobody will blame you if you are! But probably they will use any mention of Edward Snowden at all as a springboard to repeat ad nauseum their own feelings on the subject of Edward Snowden, which they decided long ago and have no interest in changing, because they think it's part of what defines who they are as people. And while that sort of thing is no fun for a dinner party or social soiree, it remains a lot of fun—apparently—for people on the internet. So: Best to watch it, just in case you are looking forward to the frothing futility of any conversation you can expect to have for the remainder of the week.

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