If you thought there was nothing more to add to a 20 year old bullshit murder case (I'm sorry, "American legal theater"), you obviously never thought about how it affected the Kardashian matriarch. Luckily, Dateline NBC finally gives the people—every single one of the people—what they secretly wanted.

Kris Jenner bringing up her late ex-husband Robert Kardashian's "Christian values" as being what prevented him from lying (as lawyers are often wont to do) on O.J's behalf is AMAZING. I suppose there isn't a commandment that says "Thou shall not lie on your murderous friend's behalf," so she's not necessarily wrong, now is she?

Also, think about the fact that there will still probably be another special about this case in five years, because even when you're scraping the bottom of the barrel for a new spin on an old tale, you still have at least the bottom left. Join us then when we discuss how Kim Kardashian felt about her mother's feelings about O.J. Simpson. If it means a Kanye cameo where he rants about how O.J. did it, I'll consider it a win.

[Image and video via NBC News]

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