In a week when Stephen Colbert’s debut is easily the biggest news in Late Night, what’s reigning ratings champ Jimmy Fallon’s strategy for holding onto the crown? Having Donald Trump on, when Colbert could only get Jeb! Bush, of course. But that’s not until Friday. On Wednesday night, Fallon dipped back into his show’s deepest, most reliable well, the History of Rap with Justin Timberlake, and came up with a sixth medley of hip-hop classics.

Here’s a sweaty Fallon sprinting and a fresh, immaculate Timberlake strolling from Whodini and Slick Rick all the way up to Drake, Kendrick, and Fetty—making an embarrassing stop at Snow’s “Informer” along the way.

Colbert’s Tuesday debut understandably crushed Fallon in the ratings, but Timberlake helped Jimmy pull even on night two, and he hasn’t even played his Trump card yet.

I hope you’re ready for six more years of this, because Fallon’s locked in until 2021, when he and Justin will perform a medley of Blue Ivy Carter singles in History of Rap 12.

[Tonight Show]