Jon Stewart is disappointed in Brian Williams for mixing his roles as a celebrity and a newsman, telling different versions of the same Iraq War story. But he's more disappointed in the media outlets taking out the knives and promising to thoroughly investigate Williams' lies when they didn't exactly get every little detail about the Iraq War right, either.

It's not that Stewart takes it easy on Williams for lying—he actually spends half the segment mocking Williams' for his changing story and apparent celebrity aspirations—it's just that he finds Williams' colleagues and competitors' hand-wringing about "credibility" and "impact on the industry" excessive and hypocritical.

"Now, this may seem like overkill," he says of the reporting on Williams, "But for me, no, it's not overkill, because I am happy. Finally! Someone is being held to account for misleading America about the Iraq War!"

If only the media had "applied this level of scrutiny," Stewart muses, "to the actual fucking war."

Williams remains on self-suspension from NBC while the network reviews his past reporting.

[h/t Daily Show]