Is there anything better than an entire episode of Game Of Thrones all about Jon Snow and Sam Tarly? I just wish there had been more of Gilly, she's also a very fascinating person with a lot to offer. Anyway, tonight there are some things on TV but not what I would call an embarrassment of riches of things on TV. And frankly after thirteen hours of Orange Is The New Black I don't care if I ever fucking watch a TV show again.

At 9/8c. 24 continues lumbering onward into our recent fascist past, while HBO celebrates the rapidly souring genius of Robert De Niro. TNT's debuting the third season of a show called Major Crimes, which I can assure you is not a hoax and is actually a show that exists. Diane Sawyer and Hillary Clinton are doing a one-on-one on ABC that will probably be mostly about boys and where to buy cute shoes at basically decent prices, American Ninja Warrior is taking its abs and glutes all the way to St. Louis, and the Real Housewives Of Orange County are visited and subsequently massacred by the Krampus on a special holiday episode about the consequences of our behavior.

At 10/9c. there's a two-hour block of 16 & Pregnant, which is good because probably if you are super into that show, moderation in your behavior is something you probably don't enjoy. Ladies Of London, which I really wish was just called Real Housewives Of London, has its second episode, as do Longmire and Mistresses, while we're finally at that horrible time of year known as Louie finale. I wonder when there will be another season of Louie? I was glad he took a break because the carpet was getting a little thin toward the end of that last run, but this season's been so great I kind of feel like, "That should do you for the next few seasons, let's get some more shows in the hopper while we've got you."

What about you, what are you planning on doing? Is it time to enjoy your DVR or your Netflix queue, or have you by now exhausted all of those possibilities too? Is this going to be the longest summer ever? Do you want to watch Big Brother this year? How do you top the Year of the Nonstop Privilege Check? I'm hoping it's just straight up like, MRAs, and Bronies, and people who can't speak English, like a mermaid or an Algerian or something, and they'll just give them knives and say Go for it. That's my Big Brother, sir. That's my America.