It's Wednesday, nobody's in the mood for a mojito. We just wanna get home and take these shoes off and try to find something in the food desert that is Wednesday network programming. Let's get real here.

In the 8/7c hour: Final Three performances on American Idol, a show that continues stubbornly to exist; the series finale of Suburgatory, which after tonight does not; and the finale of Arrow, which we'll be discussing tomorrow.

Set for 9/8c: Have you ever seen Criminal Minds? I saw it once and it gave me nightmares. That little gay fella that always looks so sick on the commercials will be in danger in tonight's finale, but I think he's gonna be okay. He seems like a fighter. The SVU episode tonight is called "Thought Criminal," so hopefully that will be about computers or something. There's also The 100, Million Dollar Listing NY, and the first half of the Modern Family gay wedding, which might not end up being an offensive bloodbath? Anything is possible when you are modern.

And then right before bed at 10/9c you've got more Catfish, the one-hour Legit finale, and then The Americans and the Nashville finale, which are going to be awesome and we'll talk about tomorrow.

(And if you can't sleep, MTV has you covered up through midnight with the hour-long True Life: I Want A Threesome, which I bet you five whole dollars is not going to turn out great for anybody involved. True Life: Turns Out I Actually Just Wanted Attention & Now I Am All Alone. True Life: My Power-Tripping Sex Scenario Made Me A Pathetic Bystander To My Girlfriend's Coming-Out Process. True Life: I Want A Redo On Some Or All Of My More Recent Choices.)

So let's talk about it. What are you planning to watch? Are you still freaked out by the finales from previous in the week? I thought S.H.I.E.L.D. was very good, in particular, and About A Boy made me cry just as predicted. For me, tonight mostly I'm all about Nashville. For I am obsessed with Luke Wheeler! Things are not going to go well for him this evening I bet!

So that's what's up tonight: Consider this an open thread to talk about whatever you're watching. Check for a subthread before starting one, just to keep it tight, if you would.

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