We’re in between Daily Show hosts, Stephen Colbert’s Late Night hasn’t started yet, and John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight is on a break until mid-September. So what are we supposed to do with our—oh, hey, John Oliver made a pointless web video about his upcoming book.

Stranger Than Truth: John Oliver’s 101 Favorite History Lies is based on the time Oliver lied about Lincoln pardoning John Wilkes Booth for drunken bestiality, only for Booth to kill him later. It’s just a long list of even more believable, but completely made-up, historical non-facts.

Did you know Paul Revere was allergic to horses and puked through the whole Midnight Ride? Or that Catherine the Great died while pegging a horse? (There’s a lot of horse content in this book, apparently.)

Oliver’s book is out in hardcover from Simon and Schuster next April. Except that it’s not, because that’s a lie, too. Thank you for wasting three and a half minutes of our precious Monday morning, John Oliver. At least we’re three and a half minutes closer to something good being on TV.

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