With Jon Stewart's departure from the Daily Show sadly impending, some speculated that Comedy Central would make a sweet offer to the show's longest-serving guest host, John Oliver, to return to the chair full time. HBO has gone ahead and silenced that speculation, for better or worse, by signing Oliver to continue Last Week Tonight through 2017, Deadline reports.

While Oliver did a competent job on the Daily Show during the weeks Stewart took off to direct his first film, Rosewater, it's not the end of the world if he doesn't come back. He's been able to carve out his own format over at HBO, where what he loses in timeliness, he makes up for with longer pieces on big issues.

Whether it was Oliver or HBO who seized the opportunity created by Stewart's big announcement, the end result is the same: 70 new episodes of Last Week Tonight in 2016-2017.

John Oliver isn't the only Daily Show correspondent to remove himself from the running for Stewart's job. There was a lot of internet hype for Jessica Williams, especially among people who'd like to see anyone other than another damn white guy get a prominent late night slot, but she doesn't want the job, either—at least not now, at the beginning of her career. (And she'd thank you to stop telling her what you think she should do.)

But if not one of those two, then who? As Williams pointed out, there are quite a few people who could be right for the job.

[Photo: AP Images]