Look, nobody likes the IRS, but they're not the ones deciding how much of your money to take, or making nearly 600 changes a year to the U.S. tax code. As John Oliver explains on Sunday's Last Week Tonight, that would be our wise and efficient Republican-controlled Congress, which has slashed the IRS budget by 20% over the past 5 years.

But instead of blaming Congress for the budget cuts that have cost the IRS thousands of staff, Americans mainly just notice the increased wait times on the phone and at IRS offices. We're still angrily calling the understaffed agency in charge of funding the government "nazis," and angrily sending them checks covered with mustard and worse.

With tax coming up, Oliver reminds us that the IRS shouldn't be punished for being America's anus: they didn't create the shit, they're just the last place you see it. In fact, fully funding the agency would pay for itself; for every dollar spent on collection, the government gets six dollars back.

As Michael Bolton famously sang (at the end of this segment), "You never miss your anus 'til it's gone."

[h/t Last Week Tonight]