It's not that Net Neutrality is boring, it's that talking about it is boring, because it edges into so many disparate areas of our technological and day-to-day lives, and so many public and private areas of our ongoing concern in this country, that unless you have personal abiding reasons to care about a given aspect of it, it can cook down to just a vague mess of concerns, ideological and otherwise.

Is it about monopoly control of common utilities? Corporate control of government? Government control of private citizens? The conversion of actual meritocracy into bullshit libertarian "meritocracy"? Is it about a Wild West of market forces unhindered by human trepidation, or is it about markets manipulated by the same dicks that sold you the Wild West idea in the first place? It's everything, all of those and a million more. It's everywhere and nowhere at once.

"If you want to do something evil, hide it inside something boring."

John Oliver understands this, and on last night's Last Week Tonight, starts from the top. It's 13 solid minutes of some of the funniest cultural critique currently airing, as to be expected from this show, but it is for sure the only 13 minutes of Net Neutrality talk you are likely to need for the rest of your life.

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