Jimmy Kimmel, the Johnny Carson of Late Night Television Pranks, put another one over on the unsuspecting airheads of Los Angeles, mixing sugar with water and pretending it was cold pressed juice. You're not going to believe this, but when people find themselves on camera they'll go along with just about anything.

In fairness (?), Kimmel's fake juice was kind of convincing from a visual perspective, at least if you only looked at the bottles, which were tall and slim and sported a label for a nonexistent brand called Juce. "Juce," of course, is just "juice" without the "i," a hilariously dumb but perfectly believable name for a pressed juice company.

But to sympathize with these fools you have to ignore that the "juice" itself looks like cough syrup, to say nothing of the taste, described as "cleansing" and "refreshing" by a bunch of total liars.

One day, all of L.A. will be a big Jimmy Kimmel prank.