Last night, So You Think You Can Dance celebrated its 200th episode with a musical performance by singer/songwriter/choreographer/guest judge/derrière aficionado, Jason Derulo. Take a look as he performs his one-track minded single, "Wiggle," alongside a "just happy to be collecting a paycheck" Snoop Dogg.

"At least it's not Bieber," cheered everyone who witnessed this number live. Watching extremely talented dancers perform with competence and grace on a weekly basis can get boring at times—"Alright, we get it, you know you can dance."—so thank god for Derulo and his team (especially the mohawked DJ) for bringing ass-based art back into the mainstream. Sir Mix-A-Lot and the rest of the early '90s would be extremely proud.

The first half of the 200th episode being dedicated to SYTYCD host Cat Deeley pretending to be excited to see this performance while the camera kept panning to Derulo's girlfriend, Jordin Sparks, made this a moment that belongs in public school history books all across the world. If you're looking for a visual cacophony of booty clapping, you will not be disappointed. If you're looking for competency in any sort of creative realm, you might be disappointed, but you still won't want to miss out on a moment like this.

[Video via Fox]

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