This week on Inside Amy Schumer, we learned that "Dickie Sippies" are not the remains of small boys. "Dickie Sippies" are used for drinking alcohol out of. Knowing that can save lives.

I have to assume that comedians, along with bartenders and waiters (that ancient alliance), hate bachelorette parties way more than the rest of us hate bachelorette parties, which is to say, the Surgeon General's recommended amount. Bachelorette parties are to comedy shows as ebola is to the body, if ebola hollered and cackled and screamed "WE'RE DOING SHOTS" the whole time it was doing its thing.

That's not to say "Bachelorette Party Disaster," where Sheriff Amy recounts the horrific aftermath of a bachelorette party bus falling off a bridge onto a booze cruise "carrying a separate bachelorette party," is wish fulfillment, exactly, but man is it ever cathartic. From the girls inextricably trapped in a "Rat King situation" ("a wet tangle of hair extensions and feather boas") to the girl knocked fatally unconscious by a hurled "Bitch Goblet" ("a large drinking goblet with the word 'BITCH' stenciled in puff paint across the back of it"), every aspect of the tragedy only further highlights how much of a mobile disaster bachelorette parties are to begin with. Plus, the quivering, traumatized fire chief stripper reminds us of the lesson of Hot Cops: that professionally (semi-)attired but woefully underprepared strippers will always, always be funny.

I'll be running down the rest of the episode's sketches in the comments, sharing my li'l thoughts and pulling choice nuggets. What did you dig? What didn't gel for you? Can you make a burrito with just a lime? Let's talk it out.

[Image via Comedy Central]

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