There isn't a whole lot more to "A Couple Chooses A Movie," the second sketch from "Tyler Perry's Episode," than what's contained in the title: Amy Schumer and Rory Scovel pick a movie to watch on demand, but man, there's money in there.

From "Kevin Kline is a single father renovating a secret barn," maybe the most eye-glazing synopsis ever, to Rory's assertion that he didn't like Pitch Perfect, he dealt with it, the sketch is wall-to-wall Too Much Truth. And watching Amy watch Rory watch Cocktail (a movie I'm pretty sure nobody's ever seen in its entirety) is a sumptuously agonizing sketch unto itself, especially as she panics watching the vicarious fix she's craving move farther and farther out of reach. "So this is the gist of it, they do tricks?" "Like so much, they get into so many shenanigans."

I'll be running down the rest of the episode's sketches in the comments and pulling choice nuggets. What'd you dig? What didn't gel for you? Is cookie cake the best kind of cake? Let's talk it out.

(The best kind of cake is ice cream, followed by molten chocolate; I was kidding about debating that.)

[Image via Comedy Central]

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