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Last night Dancing with the Stars premiered its 200th anniversary show, and one of the top contenders for the coveted mirrorball trophy appears to be a pair of breasts that also happen to have a woman attached.

"I want to show America there's more to me than just boobs," that woman (legal name: Charlotte McKinney) tells America, as she—topless—introduces a clip package the show produced about her boobs.

McKinney, famous for her appearance in a Carls Jr. Superbowl commercial, tells FOX she believes the show "wanted to play that up, 'cause that's how I got here in the first place.

There's more to me than just boobs says Charlotte McKinney, a woman with boobs, to be sure, but one who is also not defined by her boobs (which Dancing with the Stars would like you to remember she has).

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