Last night's How To Get Away With Murder was dedicated to the loser in you. Methinks the outpouring of losses, disses, and betrayals was a bit of karma for the gang's acts of terribleness, both revealed and unrevealed.

Annalise gets played twice. Last week, she dispatched BurlyCop/Nate to Yale to confirm Sam Keating's alibi on the night of Lila's murder. This week, after lying about said alibi checking out (it didn't), he hits her with the Marshawn Lynch Stiff Arm of PeenTreat Denial. She leans in for that smooch and Nate tells her, "Go home (Roger). Be with your husband." In other words, to quote Uplifter-in-Chief Nene Leakes: "Close your legs to married men." When your sideboo looks out for the mainboo, yes, your whole shit is fucked up.

I can't fault Nate for being fed up with Annalise's shit, considering she went from bussin' that thang open for him to grilling him on the stand in court to beseeching him with tears and power-whispering to investigate her possibly murderous hubby, all in 43 minutes.

The week's client, former terroristic hippie cult representative Paula/Elena, is on trial for her role in a 1994 bombing. When her imprisoned throwback boo fingers her as the mastermind in exchange for early (read: IMMEDIATE) release, she vanishes during a recess and they ride off into the sunset, leaving Annalise high and dry (for now). Hopefully, Annalise doesn't have that "you don't pay if you don't win the case" policy going on. That would suck tremendously.

Rebecca, mannerless imposer extraordinaire, is now a murder suspect, along with Lila's boyfriend at the time of her death, Griffin O'Reilly. Annalise has been asked by the university to defend O'Reilly, but surprises Wes by opting to represent Rebecca The Ungrateful. Naturally, Rebecca throws Wes under the bus when he sneaks into the Clink disguised as a public defender trying to warn her raggedy ass of Griffin's impending betrayal. We learn that the phone she stashed in Wes' floorboard belonged to dead-ass Lila. ¡Qué drama!

Prediction: Nothing good will come of Wes' attraction to Sketchy Mc Sketcherson.

It was, however, great to see that Wes collected enough Sonic rings to unlock a new emotion this week. He graduateds from bewildered to ANGRY as he's escorted off the premises for trying to help Rebecca the Ungrateful. Bravo, young grasshopper.

So. Connor and Michaela's great-faced fiancé Aiden shared a hanky-panky-sucky-sucky moment at summer camp as teens. Since the thought of a maybe-gay husband doesn't jibe with her picket fence wishes, sulking ensues. While reconciling with/yelling at Aiden, she warns that she'll clean out his bank account and end his political career if he is, in fact, afflicted with The Gay. While she read Aiden the riot act, do you know what her primary concern was? Her bespoke Vera Wang wedding dress, which cost her "a fortune." Of course. Nary a mention of love. Their exchange was an obvious nod to the Frank and Claire Underwood Unromantic Romantic Encounter Method. Prediction: marital misery and divorce cometh.

And: I've already grown quite weary of watching Perfectionist Barbie melt down out in the woods each week. I would love it if, somewhere in next week's flurry of quick edits, Michaela gets a damn grip.

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