With Jon Stewart down to his last five weeks on The Daily Show, it’s perhaps inevitable for the show to point out some of the common threads that defined his 17-year run. Earlier this month, the Daily Show turned its incredible knack for assembling video evidence back around on itself with a supercut of every time Stewart didn’t read the book or watch the movie. And last night, they showcased the many times he did the show sick or injured (or just joked about it).

How many times can one man get the bubons? How many muscles can one man pull? Over the course of nearly two decades, a lot.

And just in case that’s not enough uncomfortable brushes with Jon Stewart’s mortality for one day, a fan-made supercut of Stewart in every episode from Daily Show seasons 3 through 20 is also making the rounds:

The final Daily Show with Jon Stewart airs August 6, and will presumably use its remaining airtime to continue rubbing in how much you’re going to miss it.

[h/t boingboing]