Addressing the Television Critics Association this week, FX Networks CEO John Landgraf got maybe a little too big for his britches during his announcement of Fargo's second-season pickup.

Whether it was all silly-season grandstanding, or Landgraf allowing his enthusiasm to overrule his sense of scale, or that he simply doesn't know what certain words mean, the whole speech is kind of charmingly intense:

"[Showrunner Noah Hawley]'s audacious, bordering-on-hubristic riff on my favorite Coen brothers film earned 18 Emmy nominations—the most for a single program in our history."

If somebody called me "bordering on hubristic" with any tone of voice at all, I would tell them that they are bordering on a beatdown. Use your words better! I get that it's on brand and FX is the Bart Simpson of networks and we can eat its shorts, and so yes, "It was almost offensive in its conception but then amazingly did an arabesque into terrificness" is a good way to serve all three masters there.

But the reason we don't all go out and get tribal tattoos and gel our hair is that it is 2014 and talking about what a badass you are is... The number one sign of not being a badass. That's some startup bombast nonsense at best. That's like having an ad with a thing coming out of an eyeball! Nobody loves you when you do that. Heck on that.

But so was Landgraf done? No, Landgraf was not done. He then went on to explain that FX is fucking awesome and Fargo is fucking awesome and True Detective is totally stupid and the Emperor has no Clothes, just the leathern remains of Matthew McConaughey smugly muttering nonsense.

"...True Detective is going to have to prove it's not just a vehicle for movie stars... [bordering-on-douchebag showrunner Nic Pizzolatto] is going to have to write something truly great every single year. I think Noah has already proven he can write something really great... I think we needed Billy Bob [to start with] but we don't need somebody next year."

Anybody who hates on True Detective is assured of two things: One is that people will come at you, and two is that I will follow you anywhere because you are a bulletproof tiger.

In other FX and FXX news, Tyrant and The Strain are already looking good for a pickup, Always Sunny will resume coasting on fumes in January, and Sons of Anarchy's creator Kurt Sutter is filming a medieval pilot, The Bastard Executioner. And of course we already knew Chozen is dead, which is "probably" for the best.

Louie will air a seven-episode fifth season sometime next year, but after this year's season-ending mess I'm wondering if a longer vacation isn't in order.

[Image via FX]

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